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Biometrica Systems—As the industry leader, Biometrica is committed to providing advanced identity solutions to the casino industry. We provide the tools to more efficiently and effectively improve a casino's ability to collect and analyze critical information, enhancing a casino's operational intelligence to reduce unnecessary losses and drive a more profitable business operation.

L1 Identity Solutions—L-1 Identity provides fingerprint, facial, and skin biometric technologies and systems, and critical system components that empower the identification of individuals in large-scale ID-management programs.


Flir Systems—FLIR Systems is the global leader in infrared cameras, night-vision devices, and thermal-imaging systems. Pioneers in the commercial infrared-camera industry, FLIR Systems has been supplying thermography and night-vision equipment to science, industry, law enforcement, and the military for over 30 years. From predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, nondestructive testing, R&D, medical science, temperature measurement, and thermal testing, to law enforcement, surveillance, security, and manufacturing-process control, FLIR offers the widest selection of infrared cameras—for beginners and professionals.