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Contact Builder

The sales executives who are responsible for bringing in revenues for their small to medium companies know that one of the keys to continued success is to constantly fill the pipeline with new, qualified leads. They also know that there are many look-alike list brokers who can apparently serve the needs of their sales teams. But Good Leads® is different: we are lead generation, sales and marketing specialists. And, like the rest of our portfolio of services, our Contact Builder database and list-development offering provides something extra: a combination of precision—and verified performance—not found elsewhere.


Target Your Prospects with Fine-Tuned Precision

When you subscribe to the Good Leads Contact Builder database and list-development service, you gain the power to precisely target your prospect audience according to a range of strategic criteria:

  • Industry segment
  • Title/function
  • Revenues
  • Number of employees
  • Geography

Using your target profile, Contact Builder generates a customized list of prospect records that focuses on both business and technical attributes that you select. Contact Builder provides you with the names of executive decision-makers within each of your target companies, together with all the contact information necessary to kick off a successful—and speedier—sales cycle.


The Secret to Your Sales Success

But the benefits to your sales organization aren't limited to fine-tuned customization of prospect records. Good Leads takes prospect database and list-development to the next level. When you choose Contact Builder, our seasoned business-development representatives call and personally verify that each and every record on your lists contains the correct names and valid contact information for all the decision-making roles specified. No more wasted hours trying to follow up with non-existent prospects. Contact Builder is a new kind of productivity builder for your sales team.


What Can Contact Builder Do for You?

Eliminates wasted time, saving up to 20% of a sales person's prospecting effort otherwise spent trying to reach contacts who are no longer in relevant decision-making positions

Provides access to the right contacts every time: Good Leads calls lists in advance to verify data and get the names of new executives who have replaced those who have moved on

Identifies and eliminates typical cold-call obstacles, such as gatekeeper issues

Provides valuable insight on prospects that permits your sales representatives to conduct smarter cold calls

What You Get with Contact Builder

Monthly subscription to sales-potential list—at a volume you specify

Good Leads-verified company demographics include: company name, executive name, title, address, phone number, fax number, web page (when available), e-mail address (when  available)


Learn More

To find out more about the Good Leads Contact Builder program, or to schedule an appointment, call us at 978 837-9368.