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Event Builder

Corporate Events: Success Made Simple

Corporate events, both in-person and online, are part of an SMB's company's time-tested arsenal of tactics for bringing in new leads. Some of the largest firms host or attend scores of events each year. But participating in these events only pays off if you can continue to acquire sufficient numbers of attendees. That's where Event Builder™ comes in.

Event Builder: Get the Numbers You Need

The success of your conference, trade show, seminar or webinar is dependent upon the size of the audience you acquire. More participants translates to greater sales opportunities. Good Leads® program management and telesales teams can increase attendance at your events by employing targeted marketing tools to recruit attendees.

What Can Event Builder Do for You?

From the beginning, your dedicated Good Leads program manager will work with your event coordinator to determine a blueprint for success. Together, we will lay out and finalize a thorough checklist of all essential elements, including the people and technology resources required to produce the desired results.  Among the variables and logistics Good Leads will help you navigate and resolve are the following:

  • When is the planned event? Ideally, there should be two to three months of lead time.
  • What type of event is it? Trade show? Webinar?
  • If it is an onsite event, will travel be involved for your company and your attendees?
  • What are the ideal registration methods? Web? E-mail? Fax? Telephone?
  • Is the event free? If there is a cost, what are the best ways to accept payment?
  • Do you want to coordinate reminder calls before the event?
  • What are the best ways to forward requests for individuals requesting special assistance?
  • Will name badges or security credentials be required?

What is the Value of Event Builder?

Good Leads becomes your inside marketing team. Event Builder provides a comprehensive set of services that expands the size of your attendee lists and makes following the progress of the program easy:

  • Good Leads determines all resources required for success and coordinates the schedule for solicitation to your prospect base
  • Good Leads employs our proven model to calculate the number of contacts necessary to arrive at your desired attendance headcount
  • Good Leads can augment your list of prospects in order to produce a base list containing the optimum number of prospects to attempt to reach
  • Our program managers will assign the right project leader to your project based upon the nature of your business and the event you wish to create
  • All Good Leads project leaders have multiple years of business-to-business marketing and selling experience
  • With Event Builder, we register participants online using your customer portal or CRM system, instead of just handing over a list that you have to key in
  • Closure: while other firms often just provide "smile-and-dial" service, attempting to build awareness and promote self-registration, Good Leads actually closes the loop. Our professional sales representatives actively register your prospects—and even check back with "on-the-fence" prospects to maximize registration results
  • Event Builder enhances command and control: Good Leads provides projections of results based on value proposition, fees and location
  • With Event Builder, you get detailed electronic reporting—daily or weekly, for example—to match your requirements, together with weekly meetings to make certain your goals are achieved, according to schedule
  • Good Leads works in concert with your marketing team to sequence calling with your multi-channel marketing activities: ads, Web initiatives and e-mail blasts, for example
  • Event Builder provides a totally integrated communications solution. Good Leads uses your company e-mail addresses, provides a toll-free number that points to the Good Leads agent representing you and gives you 24/7 access to our lead-management system so you can see exactly what we are doing

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