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Foreign Investment

Expand and Accelerate Foreign Direct Investment

Good Leads® helps regional economic developers accomplish their goal of making every trade mission they sponsor a resounding success. We combine advanced telephone methodologies, business development best practices, state-of-the-art technology and diligent follow-through to reach, secure and confirm appointments between trade mission participants and their ideal prospects.

Good Leads CEO Bob Good introduces Canadian Senator Donald Oliver as the recipient of the Twelfth Annual Distinguished Canadian Speakers Award as part of the Canadian Studies Program at Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Good Leads provides outsourced business-development services for foreign and domestic economic-development agencies and related non-profit and private-sector firms. With a proven set of best practices and sales and marketing expertise, Good Leads delivers cost-effective, flexible solutions to generate highly targeted and qualified investment opportunities.

Let Good Leads Build Investment for You

Learn how Good Leads' Inward Investment Builder program can help drive your foreign-investment strategy and execution.

Right Investors, Right Time, Right Opportunity

Today's global economy is rich with new market opportunities for foreign and domestic governments and non-profit and commercial businesses. However, given the vast range of possibilities, getting potential investors together with the right business opportunities at the right time can be a daunting challenge. Enter the Good Leads Inward Investment Builder™ Program…

What Can Inward Investment Builder Do for You?

The Inward Investment Builder Program can help you to quickly screen and develop foreign direct investment opportunities to boost economic growth. Good Leads® is a business-development firm with deep executive-level contacts in high-tech, life sciences, manufacturing, energy, new media and other industries. Our investment professionals work closely with investment consuls and business-development officers to assess strategies, execute investment programs, arrange meetings with potential investors and more.

What is the Value of the Inward Investment Builder Program?

To learn more about the Good Leads Inward Investment Builder Program, Download the datasheet.

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