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Life Sciences

Botsford EcoTech Partners—Botsford EcoTech Partners provides consulting, education, and documentation services to ensure that your company stays up-to-date and meets the rules and standards of global eco-compliance directives, environmental legislation, and waste-stream management requirements.

Life Science Association of Manitoba—LSAM represents all those involved in the Life Science Sector in Manitoba. The Life Science Sector focuses on the use of innovative biological tools and products, the creation of wealth and sustainability in the production of medical treatments, diagnostics, more-nutritional foods, energy, chemicals, and materials, while improving the quality of the environment.

ideaPoint—The only solution of its kind, ideaPoint connects industry organizations with innovation opportunities inside and outside the enterprise. It streamlines opportunity development by providing a framework for innovators to present their ideas. At the same time, it enables the organization to easily identify the best ideas, and then formally evaluate, manage and track them.