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Market Validation Program

Preserve Critical Resources, Shorten Time to Market

Market validation is an indispensable strategic activity in which every SMB organization ought to engage. Market validation saves time and valuable development and marketing resources by testing product concepts, positioning, customer perceptions, and buying drivers prior to the full-blown investment in product engineering and launch.

Market Validation Program: Test Your Concepts First

Good Leads' Market Validation Program is an in-depth and intense consulting process that involves: determining optimal competitive positioning; selecting priority market and buyer segments to test; creating a database of target customers; and conducting focused, one-on-one interviews with high-level decision makers.

What Can the Market Validation Program Do for You?

As part of the Market Validation process, Good Leads assembles a proposal and set of recommendations that address your unique market, product or service, and organizational dynamics. This consulting process typically takes one month, but individual engagements can vary depending on the size of the market sample to be researched.

Good Leads keeps you fully informed at all times: providing ongoing updates during the course of the interviews. The final Market Validation report details the results of all interviews and high-level conclusions. These results provide valuable insights that permit your management to better define a unique value proposition and competitive position, based on verified buyer requirements and customer reactions—before you take the trouble and expense to architect and launch your product or service.

What Is the Value of the Market Validation Program?

The Good Leads Market Validation Program delivers real and timely feedback from target markets and buyers. This intelligence—on company position and product concept, for example—is invaluable in developing effective go-to-market strategies and product road maps. What's more, the objective market data you obtain from the Market Validation process can be an important asset in securing company or new product-development funding. Good Leads presents all the results of the Market Validation engagement in an easy-to-read format with a roll-up summary of recommendations, featuring:

  • Position statement to test
  • Market segment priorities
  • Interview questionnaire
  • A minimum of 100 completed interviews (can be thousands)
  • Market segments database
  • Weekly summary report
  • Final report and recommendations

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