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Network Vendors

Corero Network Security is dedicated to improving the security of the Internet through the deployment of its innovative First Line of Defense® DDoS protection solutions. Corero provides the opportunity to enhance defense-in-depth security architectures with an important additional layer of security capable of inspecting traffic arriving from the Internet and alerting and or blocking attack traffic before it impacts your environment.

NetIQ is an enterprise software company owned by Micro Focus International. The company provides products for identity and access management, security and data center management. Their portfolio includes scalable, automated solutions for Identity, Access, Governance, Security, Systems and Application, Service and Workload Management that help organizations securely deliver, measure and manage computing services across physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. The company’s flagship products include: NetIQ Access Manager, AppManager, Secure Configuration Manager, Sentinel and NetIQ Identity Manager.

Novell —Novell is a leader in the intelligent workload management market with our unique approach, called WorkloadIQ™. Our broad portfolio of WorkloadIQ solutions and products offer you a flexible environment that you can control. With a combination of the best-engineered and most inter-operable Linux, identity, and IT management software, our solutions lower cost, complexity and risk on virtually every platform.

F5 Networks, Inc., the global leader in Application Delivery Networking (ADN), helps the world’s largest enterprises and service providers realize the full value of virtualization, cloud computing, and on-demand IT. F5® solutions help integrate disparate technologies to provide greater control of the infrastructure, improve application delivery and data management, and give users seamless, secure, and accelerated access to applications from their corporate desktops and smart devices. An open architectural framework enables F5 customers to apply business policies at “strategic points of control” across the IT infrastructure and into the public cloud. F5 products give customers the agility they need to align IT with changing business conditions, deploy scalable solutions on demand, and manage mobile access to data and services. Enterprises, service and cloud providers, and leading online companies worldwide rely on F5 to optimize their IT investments and drive business forward.

Buoyant Solutions, Inc. is an Antelope, Ca. based business solution provider specializing in compliant ITIL® service management (ITSM) applications. Their solution focus is business service management (BSM), in day-to-day working environments. The e-ServiceSuite application provides a one-stop BSM solution, constructed to provide important capabilities to fulfill critical IT service management needs. e-ServiceSuite, as a Mendix-based application, may be deployed via the cloud as SaaS or On-Premise. 

ILANTUS Technologies is the leading solution provider in the areas of Identity Management, Access Management, Access Governance and Information Security. With more than 11 years of experience in the domain and a wide range of partnerships with the premier product vendors, ILANTUS is the partner of choice for customers across the globe, offering the advantages of fixed fee implementations, assessment and health check services, post-implementation support and product options in both traditional and SaaS models.  

PhishMe—Intrepidus Group is a leading provider of practical information-security services and solutions. We evaluate and mitigate risk holistically, with a focus on people, process, and technology. Our clients seek our expertise to solve complex problems, from securing their mobile applications to fighting targeted phishing.

Mazu Networks—Mazu Networks helps organizations use advanced network intelligence and surgical mitigation techniques to identify, characterize, and thwart attacks against enterprise and government networks. Mazu's security solutions are specifically designed to stop worms, insider threats, and denial-of-service attacks before they cause network damage and downtime. Download Case Study

CipherOptics—At CipherOptics, we make data protection simple. Whether you need to secure data flows over your application environment or encrypt data in motion across the network, CipherOptics makes it easy. Our unique approach to policy definition, key distribution and global encryption management provides unprecedented data protection across your existing infrastructure. Download Case Study

Q1 Labs—Q1 Labs is a global provider of high-value, cost-effective network-security management products. The growing company's flagship offering, QRadar SIEM, integrates previously disparate functions—including log management, network-behavior analytics, and security-event management—into a total-security-intelligence solution. QRadar SIEM provides users with crucial visibility into what is occurring with their networks, data centers, and applications to better protect IT assets and meet regulatory requirements. Q1 Labs is headquartered in Waltham, Mass., USA, and the company's customers include healthcare providers, energy firms, retail organizations, utility companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and universities, among others.

Bradford Networks—Bradford Networks is a proven leader in securing today’s heterogeneous networks. Bradford’s powerful and innovative security solutions are developed by a staff with years of expertise in network security and brought to market based on invaluable input received from customers.  Since the company’s founding in 1999, hundreds of customers and millions of users have come to rely on our technology to secure critical IT assets and automate IT security operations.