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Prospect Builder

B2B Appointment Setting Services - Prospect Builder®

High-Producing Prospects for Your Enterprise Business

World-class organizations are selecting Good Leads for lead generation and business-development services domestically and abroad. Our clients rely on Good Leads' demand-creation experts to augment their in-house resources to increase sales and to foster stronger brands. Good Leads cost-effectively builds sales pipelines, freeing up your sales staff to close more business.

Are You Set Up to Get the Leads You Need?

Quality leads are the lifeblood of every successful company. But even successful companies don't always have the internal resources, expertise or the time to consistently generate quality leads for their sales teams. Our b2b appointment setting service, known as Prospect Builder, will get you executive introductions with key decision makers from the list of companies you are targeting. Watch these videos...

What Can Prospect Builder Do for You?

The Good Leads Prospect Builder Program is designed specifically for high-tech companies selling business-to-business. It features time- and industry-tested techniques for generating highly qualified sales opportunities—customized to meet the needs of your business model. Our expert telesales representatives possess extensive IT industry knowledge acquired over years in the business and are ideally equipped to speak intelligently and authoritatively to your customers about your offerings, maximizing each sales opportunity.

Quality Leads in Quantity…Guaranteed

Prospect Builder zeros in on your most productive market segments, identifying, contacting, and qualifying interested prospects in your target audience. And, at Good Leads, we're serious about delivering what we promise. In fact, we put our lead generation guarantee and warranty in writing:

• ONLY Good Leads guarantees a minimum number of leads for your campaign
• ONLY Good Leads warrants lead quality according to your contracted criteria

Learn more about the Good Leads guarantee and warranty.

What is the Value of Prospect Builder?

Prospect Builder builds buy-in and enthusiasm for your solution at the decision-maker level. By facilitating buy-in at the top of the prospect's organization, Good Leads is able to shorten and simplify your sales cycle for you. So when your sales person calls the Good Leads-qualified decision-maker, his or her call will be expected and welcomed, instead of being seen as a nuisance. In this way, Good Leads removes the uncertainty from your sales cycle and makes your forecasts something you can count on.

Good Leads becomes your inside sales team. The Prospect Builder Program:

  • Frees up your sales force to focus 100% of their valuable time on closing sales   with qualified prospects who are prepared to buy from you
  • Shortens the sales cycle by gaining buy-in from top-level decision-makers first
  • Increases market awareness of your company and solution
  • Provides you with critical market intelligence about pricing and competition
  • Provides a totally integrated communications solution. Good Leads uses your   company e-mail addresses, provides a toll-free number that points to the Good   Leads agent representing you and gives you 24/7 access to our lead-management   system so you can see exactly what we are doing

What's more, we meet with you on a weekly basis to make certain all your goals are achieved, on schedule.

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To find out more about the Good Leads Prospect Builder Program, Download datasheets or call us at 978 837-9368.