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Response Builder

Don't Fret: We'll Take That Call…

Emerging businesses today don't get a free ride in the global marketplace. In fact, just to keep their heads above water, they have to engineer, market, and maintain more products and services than they ever had to before. All this just to stay in the game with the Big Guys. And, as the sheer volume of products and services grows, so too, does the logistical effort required to manage the tide of inbound prospect calls and inquiries over various media. But what can you do to win, as opposed to just staying alive, in the face of all these competitive and logistical challenges? Enter Response Builder™…

Response Builder: Your Inbound Lead-Management Solution

Are you launching a new product, or promoting existing offerings—using advertising, direct mail, the Web and other electronic means? This probably goes without saying… But do you have the resources to answer and qualify all the inbound responses from all these media? Or maybe you're attending trade shows and collecting leads. Does your sales force have the cycles to get back to these prospects quickly—before your competition does?

This is where Response Builder comes in…

What Can Response Builder Do for You?

Good Leads' experienced sales professionals have worked with sophisticated clients like Computer Associates to boost their sales efforts and lighten the burden of the lead-management process. The Good Leads Response Builder program allows you to choose a customized engagement that features live response to inbound phone calls and/or response to requests from various media according to  pre-defined service-level agreements (SLAs).

Benefits of the Response Builder program include:

  • The ability to respond rapidly to—and scale to accommodate—requests from multiple channels: Web click-throughs, e-mails, phone calls, response cards
  • Good Leads' technically astute sales professionals, acting according to pre-defined SLAs—can reach out to your trade-show attendees and hand off qualified leads to your sales force
  • Response Builder removes potential staffing concerns and relieves your marketing team from the cumbersome task of managing multiple inbound "funnels"

What Else Do You Get with Response Builder?

Good Leads doesn't just throw bodies at the inbound lead-management challenge. We become your inside sales team, creating a "readiness to serve." Response Builder accomplishes this by:

  • Providing you with seasoned professionals—each with an average of 10 years of sales and marketing experience—who are capable of moving your "raw" prospects further into the sales cycle. Much more than mere "customer care," Response Builder is about offloading and increasing lead follow-up—and, ultimately, boosting sales
  • Employing an online lead-management system that clients can log into in order to view campaign details and status
  • Handling all the complex logistics and interdepartmental coordination for you
  • Providing detailed, regular reporting—daily, weekly—as it suits your objectives
  • Meeting with you on a weekly basis
  • Supplying toll-free telephone lines
  • Setting up specific, agreed-upon protocols that govern exactly how inquiries are to be handled
  • Working closely with your marketing organization to coordinate and integrate our activities with your larger marketing efforts
  • Providing a totally integrated communications solution. Good Leads: uses your company e-mail addresses, provides a toll-free number that points to the Good Leads agent representing you, and gives you 24x7 access to our lead-management system so you can see exactly what we are doing.

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