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Sales Builder

Maybe you need to drive sales for a product or service line that's in the twilight of its life cycle. Or perhaps you're expanding into new markets. Do you need to close more business—without increasing your headcount? Then you need Sales Builder®.

Sales Builder: Your Turn-Key Sales-Generation Solution

Sales Builder is the fastest and easiest way to generate new business for your SMB. Good Leads® provides a totally outsourced solution that encompasses the entire sales cycle: from demand generation to booking. Employing sales-management best practices, Sales Builder is designed specifically for high-tech companies selling business-to-business. Our seasoned sales professionals are technology savvy—each possessing years of experience in the IT industry—and are uniquely equipped to present your business and your offering to the market, identify and qualify prospects for your products and services, and negotiate and close business on your behalf—without any member of your sales team having to lift a finger.

What Can Sales Builder Do for You?

Sales Builder is ideal for:

  • Augmenting the efforts of your current sales force
  • Placing renewed, yet cost-effective, emphasis on a product or service in the late stage of its life cycle so that your sales team can focus on newer products or services.
  • Managing renewable revenue streams, such as maintenance contracts and software upgrades
  • Promoting the capacity to focus on core competencies by allowing you to outsource your lead generation and sales functions

What is the Value of Sales Builder?

Good Leads becomes your inside sales team. Sales Builder promotes flexibility, cost-efficiency, tracking and accountability, and competitive intelligence::

Flexibility: buy only the amount of selling time that you need.

Obtain totally integrated communications: Good Leads uses your company e-mail addresses, provides a toll-free number that points to the Good Leads agent representing you and gives you 24/7 access to our lead-management system so you can see exactly what we are doing

Cost-efficiency: no expensive overhead associated with recruiting, hiring, training, or benefits and tax allocations

Tracking and accountability: Good Leads provides regular, detailed, performance-driven reporting and weekly meetings

Competitive intelligence: Good Leads sales professionals regularly uncover valuable market intelligence related to product and competitive positioning

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