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Sales Model Consulting

New Products? Sales Challenges? We Can Help.

Investor pressure on both public and private companies today is demanding that managers pay closer attention to, and put more emphasis on, speeding time to market and revenue recognition, providing more accurate forecasts and building the sales pipeline. Good Leads® is a consulting and outsourcing firm, with deep experience in sales and marketing that serves technology and other companies—from start-ups to medium-sized and enterprise organizations.

Sales Model Consulting

Good Leads® helps its clients sell their way out of tough economic times. We do this by building or restructuring in-house sales teams for our clients that are then empowered to deliver a steady stream of fully developed leads to the organization. Good Leads sales consultants help their clients get the strategic and tactical answers they demand:

  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Get more opportunities in the pipeline
  • Gain more visibility into your sales forecast
  • Acquire a repeatable revenue stream
  • Increase the effectiveness of your sales force
  • Decrease the amount of time it takes a sales representative to ramp up to full productivity
  • Reduce the amount of time—and money—your sales force wastes chasing after unqualified leads
  • Develop the metrics in order to build a repeatable sales model
  • Build internal sales infrastructures: strategies, people, systems and processes
  • Direct the sales organization to profitability

Comprehensive Marketing Consulting

Our consulting project leaders collectively possess decades of marketing and sales expertise—earned at top organizations such as SAP, McDonnell Douglas, TRW, Wang, Digital Equipment Corp., GE and NaviSite. When we engage with you, we see the big picture. What's more, we've garnered the reputation with our clients of being "compulsive truth-tellers."

Core marketing consulting services Good Leads provides include:

  • Defining product/service value proposition
  • Designing go-to-market strategy and tactics encompassing:
  • - Branding strategies
  • - Advertising
  • - Lead generation
  • - Market awareness
  • - Public relations

Moreover, Good Leads consulting engagements help frame and resolve key marketing questions such as:

  • What are the right marketing approaches for your offering?
  • Is one approach better than another?
  • What is the right marketing mix?
  • What are the estimated costs—and returns—associated with different   methodologies?
  • What vendors should you select, and why?
  • Can Good Leads write your marketing plan?

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